Areth Quickstart Guide

Unless you're already an experienced mudder, you should read the Areth Newbie Guide.

This guide is designed for the experienced mudders out there who want to know, at a glance, what the difference is between Areth and what they're probably familiar with.

Policies: No pkill, no psteal, no clans, no foul language on public channels (anything goes in private however), multiplay up to 4 allowed.

HP system: Your hit points are derived from your race and class. When you first start out, you'll have what looks like a huge number of hp. A human rogue, for example, has 1000. However, you don't gain hp when you level, and damage is scaled according to your level. This is so that at all levels, the characters will retain roughly the same proportion of hit points. You can increase your hit points by training, which raises your hit points by 10% over your base per train. However, training hp starts out at 50 training points and increases in cost each time you do it, so it's not an endless cycle of increase.

Mana system: Much like the HP system, mana's derived from race/class. You do, however, gain mana when you level if you're in a casting class. You can train mana the same way you train hit points.

Movement points: Your movement points are calculated from your stats. Constitution, dexterity, and strength come into play when your mv's are being calculated. MV's are not consumed by walking - they're used in combat, and some of the more physically draining attacks (snapkicks, etc). You can raise your movement points by training stats or training stamina.

For an idea how this stats system works, click here to use the Java-based character statistics generator.