Races of Areth


The human race, although of a medium stature and with statistics the other races find dreadfully mundane, is the most prolific of the races on Areth. Its strength is that, although not truly outstanding in any given statistic, neither does it have any particular weaknesses. Humans also gain levels faster than any other race, a product of their relatively short natural lifespans and resultant drive to learn and better themselves.


Elves are a nature-loving species of humanoids who normally dwell in forests or other highly natural settings. Although adept at magic, intellectually gifted, and particularly nimble, elves are comparatively frail and not physically strong. Anyone who's faced an Elven mage, however, will attest that they more than compensate for their physical frailty with magical ability. They have an innate ability with projectile weapons, which makes them formidable foes with a longbow in their hands.


Half-elves are the product of a union between a human and an elven parent. Almost as hardy as a human, half-elves retain much of the benefits of their elven heritage. The nimble half-elf is hardy enough that many of them serve as warriors.


Short but extremely hardy humanoids, Dwarves generally live in caves and such. However, they do occasionally sally forth in search of gold, adventure, and such. Although at a marked disadvantage in the field of spellcasting, Dwarves' physical strength and stamina make them deadly fighter classes.


Often characterized as dwarven nerds, Gnomes are shorter than dwarves, but more inclined towards magical disciplines. They're strong for their size, but their size is quite diminuitive.


Klingons, although new to the world of Areth, fit in well with the older races. Slightly taller than humans, Klingons tend to have greater strength, dexterity, and physical hardiness. Their disadvantage is a near-total inability with regards to magic, and a general uneasiness about them on the part of the other races. Klingons arrived on Areth due to a time/space distortion which resulted in a mirror of Gauron's entire warship being both dimensionally and temporally displaced. The duplicate's warp core had to be ejected, and the cruiser crashed on Areth, never to fly again. Power for the ship ran out within a year, and the only remnants of Klingon technology are the few metal weapons created from high-tech alloy before the cruiser's systems became completely non-operational. Klingons now roam the world of Areth, freely mingling with the natives.


Often characterized as "dark elves", Drow are a society of elves who live in caves much like dwarves. Although they strongly dislike sunlight, some Drow have learned to deal with it and surface in order to seek adventure. Their race's warlike nature has bought them a worldfull of enemies, but Drow consider that more of an opportunity for further carnage than an impediment to their success.


Dragons are 12' tall winged reptiles, capable of breathing fire on their foes but still able to wear normal humanoid equipment. Their magical nature and imposing physical presence make them exceptional members of any class, be it combat or magically oriented. Their scaly, tough hides are capable of absorbing a great deal of damage.

Great Dragons

Great Dragons are the dragons of ancient myth, the 20' tall beasts too large for humanoid equipment and capable of breathing a near-infinite stream of fire. Their physical strength makes them imposing foes, even with their bare hands, and their immense forms are capable of shrugging off damage which would rip a smaller being to ribbons. When a Great Dragon studies the ways of the mage, it becomes possibly the single greatest threat one could imagine.


The Predators, or Yautja as they call themselves, are a race of nomadic hunters who roam the stars in search of prey which poses a sufficient challenge. Often, they bring their own prey in their starships. The Yautja decided that Areth was a perfect hunting ground for this prey - kainde amedha, which we know as Aliens. Unfortunately for the Yautja, as the Aliens first began to hatch and the Yautja hunt was noticed by the nations, a society of high magi decided to deal with the situation by casting a mass summon spell to transport all living matter in the ship to Areth's surface. Seperated from their technology, the Yautja found themselves disoriented - but the alien queen had been summoned as well, and was now free of her restraints. Most of the magi died at the hands of either the escaping queen's blind rage, or the equally infuriated Yautja. With no way to reach their orbiting mothership, the Yautja were forced to adapt to facing real danger in combat. Without their masking devices and technologically advanced weaponry, they found themselves on a physically level playing field, pitted against foes whose magical ability often included the ability to cast spells as devastating as their now-vanished arsenal. Indiscriminate hunting of anything they could find was no longer a viable option; they still sought combat and the hunt, but as adventurers or mercenaries. Yautja, possessed of an unrivalled physique among the humanoid races, make exceptional fighters. However, they are completely inept in the magical arts and learn little to nothing from killing prey which does not present a formidable challenge to them.


Magical beings of a miniscule stature, sprites are the frailest of Areth's races. They are, however, the single most powerful race when it comes to spellcasting. New players are strongly disadvised from playing sprites, and experienced players will know to accompany sprite characters with multiplay alts, preferably equipped with the guard skill.


Felinoid and highly aggressive, the Kzinti are one of the more interesting races of Areth. Players looking for a housecat to role-play had best look elsewhere; the Kzinti are best imagined as a massive hominid endoskeleton covered with layers of rippling muscle and a tigerlike coat of fur. Equipped with a keen sense of smell and retractile claws, Kzinti are fearsome even when unarmed. Although magically disadvantaged, their handicap is still workable in a spellcaster. Psionic aptitude does run in the Kzinti blood, however.


The single most psionically empowered of Areth's races, the Protoss arrived on Areth as a battalion of zealots summoned by an Arbiter's recall ability. Unfortunately for the Arbiter, it was struck and destroyed during the process by a scourge, causing the zealots to become lost in interdimensional space. Without psi emitters, the zealots' armor lost power and became inoperable junk. After struggling free of their useless armor, the zealots took stock of their situation. With no way back to Aiur, their only option was to carry on fighting for the Khala in whatever manner they could. They find themselves at a disadvantage in the practice of magic, and their natural regenerative abilities are limited in comparison with other races, but Protoss do posess above-average durability, average combat ability, and extremely powerful psionic ability. Most Protoss choose the Psionicist path (the closest they can come to Templar training away from Aiur) or any of the fighting classes.

(MOB) Aliens (MOB)

Introduced to Areth by the Predators, Aliens still occasionally pop up in localized outbreaks. Predators prefer to deal with the infestations themselves, more from desire for a challenge than from any twinge of conscience. Aliens, or kainde amedha as the Predators call them, rip their way out of living hosts (killing them in the process), then grow to their full adult stature. Adult drones are deadly, but pale in significance compared to Queens. An alien queen is the size of a Great Dragon and lays hundreds of eggs, each of which can hatch into a facehugger, which will attempt to implant another alien embryo inside a living host.