Areth Staff

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Active Roster


As the Implementor of Areth, Hades has the absolutely final word on everything that goes on in the mud. He's also the only coder Areth has or ever will have. Of the active classes, he's responsible for slist maintenance and upgrades in Warrior, Samurai, and Psionicist. He also implemented the Predator race.


Maelstrom is second in command, and as such, his word is pretty much final. His responsibilities include helps, area design, and socials. He researched, then designed the Great Dragon race and is responsible for slist maintenance and upgrades for clerics and mages.


Emberle primarily builds areas, but also watches newbies on their way through mudschool. Incidentally, the new and improved mudschool is her doing.


Shaft mostly handles emergency server maintenance. There have been a few times Hades has had to con him into driving to the server room and physically kicking the machine Areth is hosted on, thus coercing it into working again. Aside from that, he handles a good number of typos and general QA.


Atrius's most visible contribution to the mud has been his work on the massive Coliseum area, however he's also the official reporter. Essentially, any time something new happens on Areth that affects gameplay, his job is to post it to the News board (board #2). He's also usually aware of what's in development, and hence is a good person to ask questions to about what the current directions of development are.

Retired or AWOL or Otherwise Gone


Although not a part of the Areth staff, Lestat runs an Areth-based mud (DarKnights), and designed the original slist for the Paladin class.


Zildjian is the designer for Rangers and designated Newbie Hunter. He also tends to answer most of the questions fielded by players.


Sparkle facelifted a number of vile stock areas, vastly improving them in the process. She seems to have been devoured by Everquest however, and now drops by to socialize.


Quietus was responsible for design of the Rogue slist, and served as the primary design contact for vampires. He also designed a number of innate abilities for the Drow race which have yet to be put in place. A combination of work and Everquest seem to have claimed him.


Nighthawk played a substantial role in the development of the mud's direction. He designed the Ninja slist entirely, as well as providing some of the groundwork for the monk class (which became martial artists) and most of the concepts behind the Lost Soul classes are his. Irreconcilable philosophical differences were what caused Areth and he to part ways.


Until March 2004, Zeel was the official Areth reporter. He also tended to find bugs. A lot.