Areth Technical Information

Areth was originally Envy 2.0, and has been under development since January 1997. The source files have grown considerably over stock Envy, and no snippets whatsoever have been used. Areth's one and only coder has been and will remain Hades. The result is a cohesive codebase, not the directionless morass of the average mud. Envy was a conscious choice, a deliberate alternative to ROM's overweighted annoyance. It's hosted on Hades' own personal server, colocated with Firebright, up in San Jose. Areth is able to load files written in Envy 1-2 or Merc formats.

Yes, Areth was originally Envy

Below, you'll find the statistics on the level of code originality on Areth. Bear in mind that all these calculations are based on filesize alone, and that in many cases, original functions were replaced with new ones of equivalent size and therefore they don't show up as growth or shrinkage in the .c files. This page is also a real-time indication; if I'm twiddling with the code while you're reading this page, when you reload the webpage you'll see new file sizes. The OrigSize column reflects the file sizes as of when the files were first unpacked from the Envy 2.0 archive. Files labelled "NEW" are just that - files which were not part of the original archive and contain absolutely no code copied, pasted, or otherwise coming from the Envy sources. It is my goal to totally replace the original source files with new ones. Some files have actually shrunken from the original size as I've moved things such as the hard-coded socials into text files. I indicate growth on those files as zero instead of negative because it's not like the code is becoming more stock as the original files shrink.