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Show hades High 2001-02-14 Re-considering aggression
Show hades High 2001-02-18 projectile weapons
Show hades High 2003-06-29 Builder guide: Format and syntax
Show hades High 2003-12-15 Vanishing mods on group spells
Show hades Medium 2001-03-27 Re-evaluate water and drowning
Show hades Medium 2003-12-15 Convert torches to 'flame' damtype
Show hades Medium 2003-12-15 Output format on 'group'
Show maelstrom Medium 2001-02-20 MOD hell
Show hades Low 2001-02-18 stomach contents
Show hades Low 2003-06-29 Re-design weather

Project Details

Updated2003-06-29 16:22:12
Summary:MOD hell

On 2001-02-20 13:58:51, maelstrom wrote:
Alter the descent to hell area so that it works with master level stats.
Add list of ideas to area located in help section.

Check linkage of rooms, right now it is too easy to solo due to the way you can go room to room and sleep in a safe zone

Use the new mob prog stuff to make the area more interesting.

Find time to actually do all that...

On 2003-06-29 16:19:26, maelstrom wrote:
Redo the mob list, remove things like homer and company. Copyrighted characters are a bad thing.

On 2003-06-29 16:22:12, maelstrom wrote:
Adding blocked by.