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Tired of playing muds run by power-tripping teenagers?

Then play Areth, where the political math is simple: One implementor plus zero committees equals zero in-game politics and not having to worry about ticking off some immortal's girlfriend. All of the staff members are at minimum 20 years old, and language rules are enforced so that the public channels don't look like an asylum for Tourette's syndrome. Multiplay is allowed, and pkill is not.

There are 15 player races and 9 classes. Multi-classing exists, based on classes' proximity in terms of spheres of learning (a cleric learns paladin skills before samurai skills, for example). Hit points are statically allocated, but can be raised in increments by training. Mathematically, you'll find that Areth's stat system scales well to provide good balance across a wide level spread when compared to most muds' systems.