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Show hades High 2001-02-14 Re-considering aggression
Show hades High 2001-02-18 projectile weapons
Show hades High 2003-06-29 Builder guide: Format and syntax
Show hades High 2003-12-15 Vanishing mods on group spells
Show hades Medium 2001-03-27 Re-evaluate water and drowning
Show hades Medium 2003-12-15 Convert torches to 'flame' damtype
Show hades Medium 2003-12-15 Output format on 'group'
Show maelstrom Medium 2001-02-20 MOD hell
Show hades Low 2001-02-18 stomach contents
Show hades Low 2003-06-29 Re-design weather

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Updated2003-07-06 02:58:33
Summary:Builder guide: Format and syntax

On 2003-06-29 12:25:01, hades wrote:
FILE FORMAT AND SYNTAX GUIDE (Hades, largely written already)
Accessing lookup tables.
Aprog syntax and commands.
Area/mob/room/object syntax and documentation.